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Dry and Wet Rot Treatments.

Dry Rot:

The true dry rot fungus is the more serious which required immediate attention to avoid extensive damage. It is malignant and will spread even through thick walls in search of timber to attack. Affected timber is brown, dry and brittle with cuboidal fractures

Wet Rot:

Sometimes called cellar fungus, wet rot is a common cause of structural defects. It required a moisture content of 40 - 50% but it does not spread through masonry and its growth is eliminated when moisture is removed


Firstly we locate and remove the underlying source of moisture. Afterwards we apply special low odour reservation fluids, generally micro emulsions. Where necessary infected masonry is drilled, irrigated and surface sprayed.

Woodworm Treatment Services us a specially formulated preservative to carry out the fungicidal process and skilled joiners to carry out and replacement of defective timbers.

30 Year Insurance Backed Guarantee


Tel:  07895 629466

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